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Download AusLogics BoostSpeed Full Crack

AusLogics BoostSpeed Full Crack - Recomended toll to suite best performance and hight speed your PC boot operations.
You will hangry if your pc slow in booting? Some with me. AusLogics BoostSpeed allows you to Modify Windows settings, file systems and services to supposedly improve system performance. It's designed to help increase startup and shutdown speed, disable annoying CD autoruns and unwanted error reporting features. AusLogics BoostSpeed can also automatically inform you if your system needs a tune-up or advise you on what needs doing.

You also have the possibility of running the System Optimization Wizard to periodically optimize your PC with AusLogics BoostSpeed. AusLogics BoostSpeed will help you adjust your PC for faster images, music and software downloads, increase browsing speeds and create a more reliable Internet connections. AusLogics BoostSpeed displays all results in graphical format which looks good although you have to be sceptical about exactly how much the program is really changing. Other than that, the program doesn't seem to offer anything that a decent cleaner such as CCleaner offers to wipe temporary files off your hard drive.

Full Feature:
  • Installation: removed InstallMonetizer promotion
  • Disk Defrag: re-enabled an option to change computer idle time before starting autodefragmentation
  • Internet Optimizer: improved the algorithm to increase stability
  • Cleaners: added a checkbox to the scan results page that allows to archive deleted data
  • Task Manager: improved the "Run Program... " drop-down list. Now the list displays previously entered paths and available paths
  • Task Manager: improved the application kill warning. Also improved design and added an option to display the list of locked files
  • Task Manager: added a PID column
  • Disk Wiper: now the checkbox to turn off computer is available when running the check
  • Service Manager: added a multiple selection option that allows to perform tasks for several services at once
  • Integrator: added a drop-down menu to the Scan button ("Scan and Repair", "Scan, Repair and Power Down", etc.)
  • Integrator: added options to "Select All", "Deselect All", and "Cancel Selection" to the list of advice
  • All programs: fixed form positioning bug that occurred when a user disabled additional monitors
  • ll programs: improved stability
  • All programs: fixed bugs

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